The children at St Eanswythe’s CE school learn Maths by following the National Curriculum using the best parts of various Maths programmes including Hamilton Trust, Maths Mastery, Mathletics, Times Tables Rock Stars, Maths Makes Sense, Spear Maths, Assertive Monitoring, Abacus and White Rose. These programmes use practical apparatus and a range of strategies to help the children become confident mathematicians.

To give children the best chance of becoming confident mathematicians, they need repeated practise with basic number skills. They need to know these skills by heart and to be able to use them easily.

We use the key concepts that children need to learn to achieve success in Maths – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equals.

Children are taught key concepts at age and ability appropriate levels as building blocks to future learning. They use them consistently so that understanding grows over time and they are able to apply Maths successfully to real life examples.

Maths 1:1 Tuition

Children in Key Stage 1 who need additional support will be taught on a one to one basis by our Numeracy Co-ordinator Mrs Hines and/or by Mrs Cadwallader. The extra support involves both pre-teaching and working on any areas which the individual children have specific difficulties with.

Children in KS2 who need additional support are identified from termly tracking and discussions with class teachers.  These children then receive weekly one to one interventions taught by Mrs Hines our Numeracy Co-ordinator

These additional sessions enable the children to make links between learning done previously in class and areas they struggle with. They also enable areas of weakness, gaps in the building blocks of mathematics, to be identified and strategies then given to overcome these areas.

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