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Take a look at our Sports Blog
Take a look at our Sports Blog

This year the government has allocated money to support the delivery of PE and sport in primary schools.  As the diagram below shows the funding should be used to improve and widen the quality and breath of the curriculum and after school provision being offered within primary PE and should also support competitive sport.

St Eanswythe’s School has always believed that sport is an integral part of the curriculum and aids progress, behaviour and attainment across the curriculum.  We are one of the highest participating schools in competitive sport across the area.  We are one of only two schools in Shepway to achieve the Platinum School Games mark.  We were also awarded a special award for Sporting Excellence at the 2019 Kent Cultural Awards Ceremony. This award recognises the schools ongoing commitment to sport.  To ensure that this continues we have bought into the Shepway School Games Competition and Staff Development Packages. The following pages show how we are spending our additional funding and record the events we are taking part in each term.

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The video below shows some of the uses of sports premium last year(2020-2021):

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