Swimming is a high priority for us as a school due to the proximity of the sea. All children in KS2 go swimming on a fortnightly basis.  They are taught in ability groups by qualified school staff and lifeguards.   The school also takes part in swimming galas, runs a water polo club and takes part in water polo competitions.

Due to COVID we haven’t been able to continue with swimming lessons for two years. Swimming restarted in June 2021 with children in bubbles and returned to normal in September 2021. As we are aware of the impact COVID has had on swimming both within families and within school we have introduced booster weeks. Each term there will be an opportunity for selected children within classes in KS2 to take part in five consecutive swimming sessions. So far this has had a very positive impact and children have made great progress.

27/06/19 Folkestone Sports Centre Swimming Gala

Children from years five and six competed in a swimming gala at Folkestone Sports Centre. All the children competed in both individual races and relays. We saw some fabulous swimming and pure determination form the children today. We are very proud of them for their swimming achievements and attitudes towards their fellow swimmers. We won the competition overall and came home with gold medals and the trophy. Well done swimmers!

21/05/19 Folkestone Sports Centre Aquathon

We took part in the first primary school’s aquathon held at Folkestone Sports Centre. The team consisted of 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls), taking part in a 50m swim (deep end to shallow end and back again), climbing out of the pool, putting on trainers/running clothes and running 1km round the edge of the footgolf course to the finish line. It was a fantastic event. Our children came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Girls event and 1st and 3rd in the boys event. Overall the school was placed first. Well done everybody what a fun activity!

09/04/19 FESIC Swimming Gala

We entered twenty children into our federation swimming gala. The team as a whole came second out of nine teams, well done to all of our swim team, you deserve your silver medals.

January/February 2019 – Water Polo Club 

This term we took sixteen children from years four, five and six to water polo club.  They learnt to tread water,  jump out of the water to catch a ball, swim effectively with a ball and shoot.  They also learnt some technical skills.  The majority of the club was able to happen in the deep end due to the commitment and hard work of the pupils.  Well done everyone!

04/12/18 – Water Polo Competition – Gold and Silver

We entered two teams into a Water Polo competition at the Sports Centre.  Both teams played really well and we ended up winning gold and silver medals!  Well done everyone!

5/02/18 – Visit from Olympic swimmer Chris Cook

We had an excellent day with Chris Cook today. Chris swam for Great Britain in the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and competed for England in the Commonwealth games.  He won two gold medals in the Commonwealth Games for 50m and 100m breaststroke.

As always Chris was inspirational.  His passion and enthusiasm shone through and meant that both staff and pupils were captivated and inspired.  Chris started the day with the whole school discussing how he needed perseverance to achieve his gold medal and some of the setbacks he had along the way.

Chris then did workshops with each class on comfort zones, it also gave the children a chance to see the medal close up.  Finally, twenty lucky children were able to join in with a swimming session at Folkestone Sports Centre.  Through demonstrations, drills and individual pointers Chris coached the children helping them to improve their breaststroke, front crawl and diving techniques.  Everyone had a great time and learnt a lot.

15/12/18 – Water Polo Club

This term Yr. 5 & 6 had the opportunity to take part in Water Polo Club at Folkestone Sports Centre.  The children learnt to tread water, pass, swim with the ball and shoot, all one handed.  Their swimming and technique really improved across the weeks as did their water confidence.  Well done everyone.

27/06/17 – KS1 Swimming Gala

Yesterday afternoon 11 children from Eagles went to Christchurch primary school to take part in a year 2 swimming gala. There were 6 events – some with floats, woggles and some completely unaided. It was great fun and all of the swimmers were fantastic. Well done.

21/06/17 – KS2 Swimming Gala – Gold and Silver

This morning we entered two teams into the Sports Centre swimming gala; it was great fun.  There was a variety of races for both the competent and the emerging swimmers.  All the competitors tried really hard and swam with determination.  We finished in first and second place, well done everyone.

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