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A Fun-filled PE Lesson in Year 2

We kicked off the afternoon with a quick wardrobe change as all the children swapped their school clothes for their PE kits and headed to the hall.

Today's lesson was all about gearing up for net and wall games, and we started by mastering the art of the "ready position." For those that don't know that's: feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and minds focused – that's the magic stance that sets us up for success.

Under the guidance of our fantastic teacher, Miss Giles, we dove into action. Warm-ups took us on a journey around the hall, where we practised our ready stance at every "ready," shuffled with balance at every "steady," and sprinted like champions at every "go."

Next in pairs, we played a game called "stick and twist." When our partner told us to "stick," we planted ourselves firmly in the ready position. But when they yelled "twist," it was time to swivel and sway, maneuvering between cones with lightning-fast reflexes.

We must not forget the grand finale: team showdowns! Splitting the class into three teams, we faced off in a thrilling match to score goals past the defenders, with nimble footwork and strategic underarm passes.

Reflecting on the lesson, one thing became clear: the ready position isn't just about physical readiness – it's a mindset, and by staying alert and anticipating the ball's movement, we transformed into formidable defenders, ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

Be sure to check out the snapshots from today's PE session below.


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