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Road trip back in time to the Roman Era

On Wednesday, we went on our long-awaited trip to the Beaney Museum and then Canterbury's Roman Museum to take us back in time to Roman days.

While we were at the Roman Museum, the children got to try their hand at making Roman coins out of metal. The children loved using the hammers to make their own personal currency. After that, we then used our very own slingshot to knock down model buildings. We learnt about this interesting weapon and how the Romans would have used it for various reasons. Year 4 also learnt about how Romans would mill grain to create flour so that they could make bread. The children were shown a replica stone and told how this would have been operated by a person, not electricity!

After a few hours at the Roman Museum we moved onto the Beaney. First stop, was examining some Roman artefacts and using our historian skills and knowledge to guess what the items were used for. After this we had some time to enjoy other parts of the museum before sitting down for a well earned lunch break.

The children had a great day and behaved beautifully on the bus there and back.


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