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Rockin' and Rollin': A Concert to Remember at Our School!

Excitement filled the air, as our school hall transformed into a stage of musical magic as our talented students took centre stage in an electrifying concert today! Under the guidance of the amazing Donald from Rock Steady, four bands showcased their musical brilliance with a range of chart-topping hits.

From the opening chords, the energy was contagious as The Five Kids Who Stole the World kicked things off with their rendition of the White Stripes' classic. Next up, the Robo Dark Sharks in Space wowed the crowd with their take on Katy Perry's hit, followed by the Super Slay Oompa Lumpas bringing the house down with a Blur favorite. Last up, who could forget The Sour Apples, closing out the show in style with a Smash Mouth anthem.

For some of the students, today was their debut performance and they absolutely rocked it! With their newfound skills in chords, melodies, and single notes, they showcased their musical talents with confidence and flair. It was a joy to watch them shine on stage, supported by their bandmates and cheered on by proud parents and fellow students alike.

Thanks to Rock Steady, our students have had the opportunity to explore the world of music in a fun and supportive environment. If you are curious to learn more about Rock Steady and how our students are rocking out and learning in style? Be sure to check out their website at Rock Steady Music School for all the details!

Today's concert was not just a showcase of musical talent, but also a celebration of creativity, teamwork and the joy of making music together. Congratulations to all our performers on a job well done – you truly stole the show!


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