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Religious Education

Religious Education is a core subject at St Eanswythe’s Primary school and is held in very high regard by staff and pupils alike. Separate to our worship programme, our R.E curriculum is strongly based on asking ‘Big Questions’ about all faiths, and links factual knowledge of religious beliefs with a deeper understanding of how these beliefs inform people’s day to day lives in the modern world. R.E lessons are scheduled for 75 minutes per week and are supplemented by a 6 hour ‘R.E. Day’ held twice a year and World Religion Focus weeks.

In R.E the children are encouraged to explore the morality messages behind the stories of different religions. Lessons allow children to have a safe space to consider their own ideas about inner morality and develop their own connections with their spiritual side since it encourages them to think deeply about their conscience, developing a personal understanding of how they fit into the world of other people’s actions and choices.

Using the ‘Understanding Christianity’ syllabus as a base, children learn about the Bible as a whole; the Old and New Testament, the stories, the ideas and the impact these have on Christians today. Other faiths including Sikhism, Islam and Judaism are also explored in depth throughout the school, with close links being made with local communities of these faiths. Religious concepts are also discussed on global basis; a child of the 21st century needs to be aware of the diversity of the world yet also appreciate the universal humanitarian traits shared by those of all faiths and none.

Art, music, class discussions, debates, philosophical thinking and real life experiences including trips and special in-school events days are some of the diverse ways the R.E lessons are brought to life for the children of St Eanswythe’s.

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