We believe that all stakeholders views are important.  We therefore regularly carry out surveys to find out how we are doing.

Below are a summary of the results from the recent RE and worship survey completed in October 2014.  We had 145 responses from parents, thank you to all of those who took part.

RE survey results

What we do well:

  • Teaching children to enjoy gathering to worship together
  • Teaching children Christian values – ‘living worship’ x11
  • Involving parents with church visits
  • Giving children confidence x2
  • Termly values are published in the newsletter
  • Excellent pastoral support
  • Family worship x6
  • Teaching values through Bible stories
  • Worship plays a central role in the school
  • Celebrations of festivals x7
  • Go to church regularly x3
  • School feels like a family who care about me and my children x2
  • Clear and coherent teaching of RE x3
  • Good culture of looking after little ones x3
  • Children respect each other x4
  • Staff live the values/role model them actively
  • School creates a spiritual/loving environment
  • Giving children a balanced view of other religions


What we could do better:

  • Have more special events related to RE and worship
  • Sunday family focused worship x 7
  • Put songs that we sing on the website
  • More/broader work on other faiths and cultures x3
  • More notice for events parents are invited to
  • Educate parents on importance of joining in with worship

From this feedback we have set up monthly Sunday Services at St Mary and St Eanswythe’s Church.  So far these have been attended well with over 100 people at each service.  The children play an active part in these services, doing Bible Readings, singing, collecting the offering and leading prayers.

We have also created more special events for Re and Worship.  Take a look at our Re and worship blog to see the exciting things we have done so far this term.

We have a broad RE curriculum that includes all of the Major World Faiths.  You can see the curriculum coverage on the RE page.



Below is the summary from latest general survey that we have done. This was completed in February 2014.





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