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Sunflower House Community Room

Sunflower House is a Folkestone charity which was set up 10 years ago and describes its mission as Community Building, Building Community. They support well over 20 projects, including the well-known Town Sprucer project. We’re delighted to be a partner in their new project.

The Community Room is a purpose-built space, located in the heart of The Bayle, right next to St Eanswythe’s School. This marks a significant expansion of Sunflower House's reach and presents exciting opportunities for St Eanswythe's School and the local community.


The Community Room is a thoughtfully designed space in a central location, offering a welcoming environment for a diverse range of activities. The space fosters a sense of welcome and focused engagement, making it ideal for:

  • Fostering a collaborative community: The Community Room provides a working space for a wide range of projects, groups and meetings, encouraging collaboration through shared interests. Support groups for more vulnerable people area already finding it a safe and supportive environment to connect with each other and share experiences, strengthening bonds within the community.

  • Enriching educational experience: The Community Room is set up for workshops or meetings for up to 40 people, with Wi-Fi, refreshments and accessible facilities. We are making good use of this space for staff discussions, learning support and various home-school meetings.

  • Enhancing community spirit and identity: beyond academic and community-oriented activities, the room will add to our opportunities to foster a sense of civic engagement and responsibility among students. The Community Room will help us develop events, such as charity initiatives, book clubs and cultural celebrations.

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