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Board of Directors

The composition of the Governing Body is set out within our Articles of Association which is in line with the Instrument of Governance made by order of Kent County Council as the Local Education Authority. Our Directors have recently been assessed and have achieved the Governor Mark which is the NGA approved quality standard for Governing Bodies.

How to become a Director

Key roles of a director:

  • To provide a strategic view of the school’s direction

  • Contributes to policy review

  • Ensures sound management of all monies generated by the school

  • To act as a critical friend to the school

  • Recognises and celebrates the achievements of the school community

  • Knows when the school is not achieving as well as it should through monitoring and evaluation

  • Provides support and encouragement when implementing new strategies

  • Strikes a balance between support and challenge

  • To hold the school to account for its standards

  • Promotes high standards of educational achievement

  • Has the right to discuss, question and refine proposals

  • Respects the professional roles and management responsibilities of the head teacher and other staff

  • Is prepared to account for and explain actions and decisions made to anyone with a legitimate interest

Our board of directors:

  • Sets the overall budget for the school

  • Decides on the number of staff

  • Helps to decide the priorities for improving the school when the school improvement plan is being drawn up and validates the Self Evaluation Form

  • Ensures that the National Curriculum is being taught to all pupils

  • Sets targets for pupil achievement

  • Compare the performance of school to similar schools

  • Receive information about the quality of teaching in the school

  • Have a published strategy for dealing with parental complaints and concerns

  • Ensure the balanced treatment of political issues

  • Ensures health and safety issues are addressed

  • Set the time of school sessions

  • Ensure safe procedures for the recruitment of staff

  • Ensures policies are being implemented and evaluate the impact

  • Need to consult the head when making most strategic decisions

Current board of directors:

Mrs Claire Jacobs

Mr Jim Kreiselmeier

Mr. Trevor Devooght

Mr Lewis Purver

Mrs Karen Hines

Mrs Victoria Osei-Bonsu

Mrs Myriam Coulstock

Mr Christopher Brown

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