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School Lunch

St Eanswythe's School Menu 1
St Eanswythe's School Menu 2
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Current Lunch Menus

Lunchtime Arrangements

Each day every child can choose what meal they would like. If your child is in KS1 or Reception they are entitled to universal free school meals. If your child is in KS2, meals are available at a cost of £2.50 per day.

For children that have to pay: Meals will be added onto scopay on a Friday and parents must pay over the weekend.

If your receive benefits your child may qualify for free school meals, information about how to apply for these is available from the school office. If your child has special dietary requirements or changes to their diet then please contact the school.

Parents may provide children with a packed lunch. No nuts, chocolate or sweets, chewing gum or fizzy drinks are to be eaten or drunk in school.

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