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Welcome to Ducklings Class (Year R)

Welcome to Ducklings and the second part of the Autumn Term.

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Below is some information based on aspects of learning that we will be covering between now and Christmas. Our Topics, on which our learning is based, will be Celebrations and Vehicles.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Now that the children are settled into their classroom our focus will be how we behave in the school environment and trying to make the children as independent as possible. We will be practising transitioning from task to task , sharing, turn taking, listening and attention skills and following both class and School rules.

Communication and Language
We will encourage the children to share their news, listen, and ask questions. We shall also be exploring how we respond to stories and what sorts of words are used. Learning how to follow instructions will be key to our daily learning. We will be practicing speaking aloud to an audience, ready for our class nativity.

Our priority this Term is ensuring that children begin to read and so we will be concentrating on them knowing their letter sounds and recognising letters build words. To achieve this we will begin to integrate the children into Reading groups at the end of this term, Read Write Inc groups, this is our school phonics programme. In writing we will be concentrating on how we hold our pencil, pencil control and making sure we form our letters correctly. We will be continuing to work on writing our names and look at writing some familiar words.

We shall continue to learn to read, write and say our numbers within 20. The children will also learn to add and subtract two small groups of objects. We will explore height and length using the mathematical language of smaller, greater, more and less than. Then we shall explore 3d shapes and where we can find them.

Understanding the World
Exploring our own environment we will learn about our own culture and look at some of the cultures of others, such as Diwali and Hinduism and Eid and Islam. We will also explore our own Celebrations and see if we can find any links between the cultures e.g. Light. In addition, we shall explore how we celebrate Christmas now and in the past.

Physical Development

In PE and in our general every day play, we shall develop our control and co-ordination. The children will learn about how to be safe and be encouraged to develop an awareness of space for themselves and others. Activities will be designed to develop child’s fine and gross motor skills.

Expressive Arts and Design
We will be exploring a huge range of textures and resources. The children will be positively encouraged to develop their ideas and imagination through role-play. We shall be using lots of music not only through singing but also by dancing and exploring instruments.
As this is the Christmas term, we shall have a creative day and our Nativity Play.

Reading: Please share the books that are sent home with your child because the more they are encouraged to share books the better reader they will become. The expectation is that you read with your child daily.

This year pour class Nativity is called ‘Baarmy Bethlehem.’ This will be on the 5 th December at 2pm or 5:30pm.

Please label all items of clothing clearly!

Despite many reminders we are still seeing many items brought into class with no names! With 30 children, it will be impossible to ensure they keep their processions if they are not labelled.

PE is on a Friday weekly. Please ensure your child attends school in full PE kit on this day.

Our main aim as well as learning is to have lots of fun.
Thanks for your support and you are most welcome to come and ask about anything that we do!

Mrs Price, Mrs Thompson and the Reception team

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