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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Welcome back to term 2, I do hope you have all had a fabulous half term!

Class 6 latest blogs

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As usual this is a quick overview of what we will be studying in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you have any queries
please do not hesitate to ask.

Geography: Our topic this term is British Geographical Issues. We will be looking at Air Pollution, Climate Change, Waste and Litter in the UK.

Science: The science topic for this term is The Classification of Living Things and looking at the scientist that designed the system of classification that we use for plants and animals today, Carl Linnaeus.

Maths: We will be continuing to focus on addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing, along with fractions and measurement.

English: In English we will be looking at writing Remembrance Poems and working from another Michael Morpurgo book called Private Peaceful.

Whole Class Reading: This term we will be reading ‘Fuzzy Mud’ by Louis Sachar.

RE: Our focus this term is The Gospel. We will be looking at and discussing the big question ‘What would Jesus do?’ We will also be discussing Christmas and what it means to different people around
the world.

PSHE: Our topic of conversation will be ‘Relationships and Family’.

Art & DT: This term will be attempting to make Gingerbread Houses in DT and in art Mrs Purver will be teaching Renaissance Architecture and Sculpture.

French: We will be revisiting the French we have learned in previous years and looking at the theme of ‘Ou-habites-tu?’ Where do you live?

Computing: We will be looking at creating and using spreadsheets.

Reading will be expected to be at least 20 mins daily and will be recorded in their reading journals with a parent signature when possible please.
Spellings will be sent home weekly.
Maths will be revising all times tables, but when needed for reinforcing learning, other work will be sent out either individually or as a class.

PE this term will be on a Monday and Friday but children must have a named PE kit in school at all times please as we also have workshops going on throughout the term.
If there are any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.

Curriculum Plans:

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