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Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome back, I hope you have had a cracking Easter! This term we will be revising all areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics in readiness for SAT’s week in May. If you have any questions about SAT’s week or need any practice papers to revise at home, please do not hesitate to ask. I will also put a link to free past papers at the bottom of this letter that can be downloaded and printed off.


History: Our topic this term is The History of Human Rights and Equality in Britain. We will be discussing exactly what human rights are and looking at those rights as children and women along with Racial Equality and Freedom of thought, belief and religion. 

Science: The science topic for this term is Reproduction. We will be looking at asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction in non-flowering plants, sexual reproduction in flowering plants, reproduction in animals and growth stages. This builds from children’s learning from Year 5.

Maths: We will be concentrating on Geometry this term; shapes, angles, circumference of circles, using protractors and nets of shapes. We will then be revising all our maths in readiness for May.

English: We will mostly be using certain chapters from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone to create persuasive texts, debates, instruction writing and information texts as well as creating an extra chapter in the book. All these written with appropriate punctuation which we will also be practising.

Whole Class Reading: This term we will be reading Harry Potter that runs alongside our Literacy topic and will also be reading some Shakespeare.

RE: Our focus this term is The Kingdom of God. We will be looking at and discussing the big question ‘What Kind of King was Jesus?’

PSHE: Our topic of conversation will be ‘Our World Online: The power of social media. What is online grooming? Protecting ourselves online. Along with Career routes and what jobs are available. Looking at the question: How will my education work when I leave primary? Exploring jobs and what education I will need and jobs and aspirations. If there are any parent/carers/grandparents who would like to come and talk to the class about their career/job/voluntary work, we would love to hear from you.

Art & DT: This term, Mrs Purver will be looking at and exploring Victorian Art and Architecture

Computing: We will be looking at Binary with Mr O’Neon on a Friday.

PE: We will be concentrating on progressing our tennis skills, with a little luck we will be able to get outside this term!


Homework as follows: 

Reading will be expected to be at least 20 mins daily and will be recorded in their reading journals with a parent signature when possible please. 

Spellings will be sent home weekly. 

Maths will be revising all aspects of maths that are still a little tricky. Children to choose their focus of work.



PE this term will be on a Thursday and Friday but children must have a named PE kit in school at all times please as we also have workshops going on throughout the term.


If there are any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs Edgar 


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Curriculum Plans:

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