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New School Padlet

We have really enjoyed seeing the work you have been doing on our class padlet pages.  Some of you have done some amazing family projects in the house or garden or shared some pictures of you as a family out and about enjoying yourself.  We thought this would be a lovely thing to continue.  If you do something together that you wish to share please add it to our school padlet page.

Currently this is also the easiest place to share your Lent challenges too. If you prefer you can email photos to kperkins@st-eanswythes.kent.sch.uk

Current Bubble Timings

Ducklings: Playground: Arriving 8.45-8:55am and Leaving 2:45pm

Owls: Front Entrance: Arriving 8.15-8.25am and Leaving 3pm

Eagles: Woodward Hall: Arriving 8.30-8.40am and Leaving 3pm

Year 3: Playground: Arriving 8.30-8.40am and Leaving 3pm

Year 4: Playground: Arriving 8.15-8.25am and Leaving 3.10pm

Year 5: Front Entrance: Arriving 8.30-8.40am and Leaving 3.10pm

Year 6: Woodward Hall: Arriving 8.15-8.25am and Leaving 3.10pm


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