Learning Holistically Through God's Unconditional Love

Welcome to St. Eanswythe’s CE Primary School

During this time of year, we would usually be showing prospective parents individually around our wonderful school. However, due to COVID restrictions this is not possible. We have therefore created a video tour of the school using our school dog, Tiki, as the host.

The video shows our amazing children and some of the activities that make us St Eanswythe’s Primary. As a school, we take a holistic approach to educate the whole child. This means we not only focus on academic results but aim to provide as many diverse cultural, academic, musical and sporting opportunities as possible. This enables our children to widen their horizons and to identify their own passions and giftings.

Although we currently cannot do tours, we are really happy to speak to any prospective parents on the phone and answer any questions you may have. Please call the school to book a telephone appointment (01303 255516).

We look forward to hearing from you,
Mrs O’Callaghan and Miss Laws




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