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3 days ago
Tiki - Spring Term 3 -

Tiki – Spring Term 3

This term Tiki has expanded her reading skills by accompanying the children to Pelham House Residential home each week. Here she listens to the children read and enjoys meeting the residents. Each group of children are then able to walk her back to school. The sessions have been enjoyed by everyone!...

6 days ago
Year 2 Topic -

Year 2 Topic

We have now come to the end of our Great Fire of London topic. The children have been amazing at remembering everything they have learnt. There were so many questions about the fire that we all wanted answers to and most of them have been answered by research and good listening skills. As the childr...

1 week ago
Painting Shells -

Painting Shells

In ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, Michael and Kensuke use octopus ink to paint on shells. Yr.6 tried to replicate this using ink and very fine brushes to paint creatures from the story onto shells. They found it to be quite tricky but created some excellent designs.

1 week ago
Rocksteady Music School -

Rocksteady Music School

On Thursday the whole school had a treat as Matt from Rocksteady Music came in to demonstrate the different instruments in a rock band. He showed us the different sounds you could make with a keyboard, electric drum kit, electric guitar and your voice. It was great fun and lots of children were insp...

1 week ago
Yr.6 Independent Learning -

Yr.6 Independent Learning

Yr.6 worked in groups to plan and run their own stalls to raise money for the School Bus Project for Refugees. The sales ranged from fairground games, to cake sales and chocolate fountain fruit kebabs. Everyone worked hard creating posters to advertise their events and getting the produce to sell. I...

1 week ago
Worship Leaders Hold a Quiz! -

Worship Leaders Hold a Quiz!

The worship leaders wrote their own quiz on our school Bible story about Zacchaeus. They put all of KS2 into their four houses, each with a team champion. The children discussed their answers in teams and the champion gave in the answers. There were some tricky questions and the children showed some...

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