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Computer Day

Friday 17th May

Every computing lesson begins with a discussion on how to stay safe when online. The children are taught to be SMART.

S = Stay safe

M = never Meet

A = should I Accept?

R = is it Reliable

T = Tell

In year 6, the children continued a topic on creating quizzes. The children were given the task of creating a quiz on a topic of their choice.

In year 5, the children began a new topic creating concept maps. The focus was on a topic of their own choice.  

Year 4: The children began a short topic on the internal items contained in a computer. For example, RAM, Mother Board, CPU, Graphics Card etc….  

Year 3: This week, the children continued a short topic on simulations. The children travelled into space, learning about a new planet. The children faced a number of trials, including whether to leave a stranded astronaut behind or rescue them.   

Year 2: This week, the children concluded their topic on art styles. Today, they created a picture using their favourite style.

Year 1: This week the children continued to explore coding, making a snail move a set number of paces and independently coded fish to move.

Reception: This week the children went to the computer room and logged onto Purple Mash independently, choosing which learning they would like to enjoy.


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