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Computing Friday 5th January

Friday 5th January

Every computing lesson begins with a discussion on how to stay safe when online. The children are taught to be SMART.

S = Stay safe

M = never Meet

A = should I Accept?

R = is it Reliable

T = Tell

This week, many children spoke about constant friend requests on games like Robloxs. They spoke about what they should do and about why people send requests. A helpful picture discussed involved sweets. Imagine you have a bowl of 100 sweet. 99 of them are fine but 1 of them will make you extremely unwell. If offered a sweet, what would you do? The wise person would recognise that although 99 of them are ok, we cannot tell the difference between the ones that are ok and the one that is dangerous, so would not accept. Many children found this a helpful picture. Above all, the message about communicating their concerns to grownups was emphasised.

In year 6, the children began an exciting topic using green screens. The children were all able to take a photo of a background, take a different photo of an object with a green / blue background and then overlay the two photos. Many children were able to add an audio recording alongside their images. Finally, they displayed their starter videos to the class using screen mirroring. Fantastic Year 6.

In year 5, the children began looking at databases. The children started with discussing what a database is and how it is used. Many children began to recognise the database we use in school. The children first explored an expanding database on fruit and then moved to a more complex database on aliens. The children explored how to search a database, explore the different fields, sort, and group in various ways. These skills helped them to complete an alien quiz.

Year 4: The children continued to explore spreadsheets. In this session, the children imputed data on different temperatures and then presented this data on a line graph.

Year 3: This week, the children began a short topic on touch-typing. They began by learning the correct posture to have and a few safety points. The children then began trying to copy letters using the correct fingers to press the correct keys. This was tricky and many children resorted to using their dominate fingers. However, for a first session, the children did really well. One girl (A) in the class was fantastic and seemed a natural. Well done everyone!

Year 2: This week, the children began a short topic exploring pictograms. For this session, the children began exploring the different types of house they live in and then transferred this data onto a pictogram.

Year 1: Today, the children had a number of challenges to complete. The first challenge involved the children directing a fish to the underwater treasure. The children had to plan a route, give commands and travel in the correct direction. For the second challenge, the children had to direct a car to the bank and then to the hospital. However, for the second challenge, the children had to input the correct number of units, for example right 4. This was a little tricky and some of the cars may have driven over the houses. Nevertheless, the children showed great perseverance.

Reception: Today, as part of their space topic, the children first began playing a game with different space ships. For the next task, the children decorated their own rocket ships, making sure to stay within the lines and talking to a grown up about their rockets.



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