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Eagles PE Adventures

In our school hall today, Year 2 embarked on a physical education journey that was not just about moving bodies but also about honing essential life skills.

The focus of the day was on changing direction and mastering the art of dodging. What better way to do this than with a series of thrilling games involving cones? The hall became an arena of strategic movements as teams flipped over cones, showcasing their agility and quick thinking.

The session unfolded into a pirate-themed extravaganza at the end. Split into four spirited teams (our school houses), the challenge was set: guard your treasure (cones) with all your might! One team took on the swashbuckling roles of pirates, while the other, the daring traders, sought to outsmart and dodge their way to victory.

What unfolded was not just a display of physical skill, but a testament to the values we hold dear at school. Respect for others was a key skill as the children enthusiastically played by the rules, acknowledging the importance of fair play.

Honesty shone through as the traders showcased integrity, stopping promptly when asked and resisting the temptation to sneak more than one precious piece of treasure into the safe zone at a time.

The children didn’t just dodge and flip; they embraced the essence of teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Our Year 2 PE lesson wasn’t just a physical exercise; it was an adventure, and a quest for treasure. We all look forward to more lessons that teach us not only to move our bodies but to move forward with respect, quick thinking and honesty.


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