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Eagles Visit Leeds Castle

Today Eagles were lucky enough to visit Leeds Castle. Everyone was super excited and when the castle came in to view it certainly was amazing.

First we went to the education centre where we all dressed up even the adult helpers had to be soldiers. Then we acted out a play called The Swan Princess.

The acting was truly amazing the witch was very scary and the bad prince was very very bad. You will be pleased to know that it all ended happily!

There was just time before lunch to play in the adventure playground. After lunch we had a guided tour of the castle. Our Eagles were amazing with their knowledge and knew about Tudors, Stuarts and more! We all learnt about the raving 1920s and even got to dance in a posh party room and were able to lounge on the sofas.

It was a fab day and everyone had fun.

Thank you so much to our amazing adult helpers.


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