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Eagles Water Fight Extravaganza

The Eagles class (Year 2) had a splashing good time with a special water fight treat to cool off in the very warm weather. Miss Giles found some water pistols for us to play with and we headed out to the playground, ready for some fun in the sun.

Before we started, we established the rules to ensure everyone had a safe and enjoyable experience. With the rules set, it was time to get wet! The children absolutely loved it, running around with their friends, laughing and playing while cooling down in the heat. It was the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, have fun and make great memories together.

As an extra special treat, the PTFA provided each child with a super yummy ice lolly on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. The ice lollies were a delight and added to the joy of the afternoon.

It was a lovely afternoon filled with laughter, fun and pure joy. The children were amazing and their happiness was contagious. Well done Eagles for making the most of a beautiful sunny day!


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