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Ecosystems in Year 4

Greetings, curious minds! Today, our Year 4 class went on an exciting scientific escapade exploring the captivating world of ecosystems.

We kicked things off with a lively chat about ecosystems – those magical realms where every organism plays a vital role. Think of it as a giant puzzle (or as one of our classmates said - a community), and each piece is a living creature working together to create harmony. But guess what? We humans are the ultimate players in this game, holding the power to sway the balance!

With iPads in hand, our mini-scientists dived into the ocean of information about ecosystems. The mission? Craft posters on deforestation, introducing new species or the exclusion of species.

Facts and figures danced across screens, transforming into vibrant posters that would make any scientist proud.

Our Year 4 class hopefully left the classroom armed not just with knowledge about ecosystems but with a newfound appreciation for the delicate dance of life happening all around us.

The adventure doesn't end here – stay tuned for more scientific escapades from our curious minds!


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