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Exploring sound in Year 4

Yesterday, our Year 4 students embarked on an exciting exploration into the world of sound in their science lesson, the new topic of sound buzzing in the air.

We kicked off our journey by delving into the concept that sound is caused by vibration. So when an object vibrates, it sets off a chain reaction among the air particles, creating what we call sound waves. It's like throwing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples spread outwards!

But there is a twist - sound needs a medium to travel through. We pondered questions like, can we hear sound underwater (liquids)? What about through walls and doors (solids)? This led to some class discussions about the role of mediums in transmitting sound waves to our ears.

We split the class into groups to conduct some hands-on sound experiments. One group headed to the playground to explore how sound waves travel at different volumes, while another group got creative with jars, cling film, and rice to visualise sound vibrations. It was a blast seeing science in action!

Next up, after all the experimenting we watched a video with a virtual tour of the human ear. From the eardrum to the cochlea, we explored the intricate components that make hearing possible. They even created a giant human ear using everyday materials. It was amazing to see how these components work together to help us hear the world around us.

As we continue our journey into the world of sound, we're excited to see where our curiosity takes us next. Stay tuned for more adventures from our Year 4 scientists!


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