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Geography AND Art in Year 2

Hello explorers! 🌍 Today, our Year 2 Geography class dived into the fascinating world of Ireland and Northern Ireland, turning our classroom into a vibrant canvas of creativity. Together we learnt about the lush greenery, bustling cities, and had a colourful rendezvous with the famous Giant's Causeway!

Imagine a land so green it earned the nickname 'Emerald Isle'—yep, that's Ireland! Dublin and Belfast, the cool capitals, stole the show as we chatted about their history and vibes.

With pastels in hand, we recreated those cool hexagonal columns of the Giant’s Causeway, turning our class into an art gallery. Spoiler alert: some of our masterpieces are hitting the spotlight on display!

Our whirlwind tour through the Emerald Isle wasn't just geography—it was a blast of colour, creativity and cool facts. 🎨✨


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