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KiC Theatre Workshop on Electricity

We were thrilled to welcome Ian from KiC Theatre to our school! Ian worked with all year groups, and our Year 4 class had a particularly exciting session focused on Electricity, which is our Science topic for this term.

The session began with a Circle Time where everyone introduced themselves. This warm-up helped us feel more comfortable and set the stage for the fun activities ahead.

Ian taught us about "taking up space and making ourselves small" – a technique to help us understand how to occupy our space as actors. We practised moving around with the lights on and off (our eyes open and closed) to explore how different these experiences felt.

Next, we got into groups and used our bodies to form shapes, working as a team with our fellow actors. This exercise helped us understand the importance of cooperation and imagination in theatre.

One of the highlights was creating electric machines and switches using our bodies. We added movement and sounds to bring machines like a hoover, washing machine, fan and even an ice cream machine to life!

We then imagined what life would be like with and without electricity. This included comparisons like using a hoover versus carpet cleaning the old way, hand sewing versus machine sewing, playing a games console versus reading or playing chess and using a microwave versus an oven or building a fire versus using an electric heater.

The session concluded with each group performing their electric machines and scenes for the class. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to express their creativity and teamwork skills. Everyone had a brilliant time and learned a lot about the importance of electricity in our daily lives.

Thank you Ian for a memorable and educational workshop!


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