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Saint Nicholas Family Service at Canterbury Cathedral

On Sunday 10th December 2023, Year 6 students from St. Eanswythe's proudly took centre stage as part of a larger children's choir, representing several schools under the Canterbury Diocese at Canterbury Cathedral.

The event, designed for families and children, offered a heart warming celebration steeped in the story of St. Nicholas. It was a captivating opportunity for everyone to delve into the origins of the beloved Santa Claus figure, adding a touch of historical wonder to the festive season.

The turnout was nothing short of impressive, with a sizable congregation in attendance. Laughter and joy resonated through the air, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness. The children displayed not only their musical talents but also their impeccable behaviour.

The St. Nicholas Family Service was an unforgettable experience, and our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the organisers, the Canterbury Diocese, and most importantly, the young maestros whose voices made this day a resounding success.

For anybody who would like to enjoy the service a video link is included below the photos and a pdf of the order of service is available as a link also.

Download PDF • 236KB


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