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Sea Gooseberry Guardians

On Monday, Year 3 walked down to the Glass Works and were lucky enough to be involved in the Beacons project on Ecosystem Interdependence. The children initiated very in-depth conversations about the environment, both the goods and the bads. They thought about pollution from our homes and from factories, the waste that they can see with food, water and buying new things all the time. Everyone was very passionate about finding solutions to help protect our world, nature and animals. They were then given a tutorial on how to create their own wearable message with fabric pens, vinyl and a very hot press. Every one of the children created a fabulous message and they all had a heart felt message they wanted to tell everyone about how they can help the environment. We also became guardians of a delightfully cute and environmentally important sea gooseberry, his name is Caspian. We have been given the responsibility to care for him and return him on the 19th December in a special celebration.


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