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Year 1 and 2 Fire Safety Talk

This morning the children were lucky to have Firefighter Kerry in to talk about fire safety.

During the session the children learnt about the importance of smoke alarms and that they should be tested once a week. They also learnt a poem about smoke alarms: 'keep your family safe from harm, have a working smoke alarm'.

After they listened to a story about a birthday party. During the story, unfortunately a little girl decided to pick up and play with matches, this caused a fire. Now the children know that they mustn't touch or play with lighters, matches or candles. Luckily the little girl‘s smoke alarm was working and all of her family made it out safely. Here's another poem they learn't about matches: 'matches and lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much". Kerry also spoke about the importance of discussing a plan with our families on what to do when the fire alarm goes off. She explained that as soon as everyone hears an alarm they must leave everything and get to the front door asap.

Finally, the children learnt another little rhyme, 'stop drop and roll', for the rare event of having their clothes on fire.


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