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Year 2 Prayers

This afternoon Eagles class gathered for an enchanting RE lesson that delved into the gentle art of prayer. The children began sharing personal insights into why and when people choose to pray. Some mentioned the soothing bedtime prayers, while others found solace in the gratitude-filled moments around the dinner table. We could not forget our school prayer during worship, or our lunctime prayer we all know off by heart. Those moments of togetherness that bind us as one school community.

The spotlight then shifted to a timeless classic – the Lord's Prayer. There was curiosity from the children as questions danced around the tricky words, making thoughtful classroom discussions. What a joy it was to see the inquisitive minds of our learners exploring the meaning within each phrase.

With a nod to the diversity of prayer, we explored various ways to commence these heart-to-heart conversations with the divine – from "Dear God" to "Heavenly Father" and the timeless "Amen" that brings closure to our prayers.

But that wasn't the end of our linguistic journey. As the children headed off to their desks, a group of inspiring young girls in the class approached, expressing a desire to address their prayers to Allah. In that moment, "Allah" found its place in our vocabulary words.

The lesson took a turn towards morning prayers, a gentle reminder that gratitude can be the mood with which our day begins. Examples on the board painted pictures of appreciation for the simple joys that grace our lives – a moment to reflect and express thanks for the beauty that surrounds us.

As the lesson drew to a close, our students returned to their desks, pencils poised, ready to write their own prayers.

Well done to everyone! You created beautiful and thoughtful prayers, a testament to the sincerity and depth within each of you.


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