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Year 4's Resurrection Gardens

As Easter weekend approaches, the Year 4 class embarked on an exciting and creative journey today as they worked to bring part of the story of Easter to life through their very own Resurrection Gardens.

The day began with a trip to the beach, where the students eagerly searched for the perfect supplies to bring their gardens to life. Armed with enthusiasm and bags in hand, they scoured the shore for treasures, they needed a large stone to symbolize the stone that covered the tomb in the garden of Gethsemane, as well as sticks to craft into crosses.

With their beachcombing mission accomplished, the students returned to school. After lunch, Mrs. Race had gathered all the additional supplies needed for their gardens. From soil and grass seeds to pots for the tomb and vibrant viola plants, Mrs. Race ensured that the students had everything they needed to let their creativity flourish.

The children eagerly set to work assembling their gardens. With determination, they carefully arranged their supplies, creating miniature landscapes that captured the essence of the Easter story.

Each garden was a unique reflection of its creator's imagination, showcasing a blend of natural elements and artistic flair. From the rustic charm of the stone tomb to the delicate beauty of the viola plants, every detail served to remind us of the hope and renewal that Easter represents. It was a joyous celebration of faith, creativity.


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