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A sunny morning at the beach

This week, it was Year 5's turn to attend beach school with Mr O’Neon and they were extremely lucky with the beautiful weather.

The morning started by learning about the tides and the science behind what causes high tide and low tide and this turned into a role play activity, that both the children and adults got involved in.

After that, the children split up into small groups and were given an array of words to act out (lighthouse, tides, whale, pollution and other words associated with the beach). They then had to act these words out and the rest of the class had to guess which word was being acted out. The children thoroughly enjoyed this.

The morning finished off with free time, in which the children could litter pick or investigate the area. A lot of children chose to litter pick and they were surprised to see how much litter there was including fishing nets, plastic bottles and even a lipstick!

Year 5, as always, were impeccably behaved and a pleasure to take out. They are very much looking forward to what beach school has in store for them next week!


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