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Anatomical Drawings

In Year 6 we have been studying Leonardo Di Vinci and have learnt some fascinating facts. Did you know that he was left handed, he loved animals and as well as being a famous painter in his own lifetime he was also a sculptor, an architect, a poet, a composer, a scientist, a mathematician and an inventor! We have been looking at his anatomical drawings and his use of tone (light and dark) to create incredibly realistic drawings. We used 2B and 6B pencils to draw our own hands. To help us, we felt the bones in our hands and looked carefully at which parts of our hands were darkest and lightest. We used the 2B pencils for the outline and the 6B pencils to add tone. We also used blending sticks to help us smooth out the pencil marks. Everyone was understandably proud of their hand drawings and I am sure that you will be able to see why. Well done Year 6!


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