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This week Year 3 had their DT day: exploring, designing and creating castles. We first learnt about the main features of a castle (the children remembered so much from their Year 2 topic and we were blown away by how much they knew already.) Then we thought about what features we would want to include in our own castle. The children had to think carefully about what they could achieve from junk modelling and card. They thought about what tools they would have to use to cut with and shape the card and also how they would join their castle together. We explored paper nets, as this helped us to see what shapes we could include in our castles. We practised our accurate cutting to make sure that all the sides of the net would join together and how tabs are used to join the net together and hold the shape in place. This was incredibly tricky but lots of the children showed great perseverance. Finally, we spent the afternoon creating a solid structure by cutting and folding paper and securing the structure, with masking tape, to a base board. The children then created their own façades to decorate the front of their structure and transformed it into the castle they had planned. Well done Year 3, you created such fabulous castles.


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