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Fantastic Friday

Friday 24th May

Every computing lesson begins with a discussion on how to stay safe when online. The children are taught to be SMART.

S = Stay safe.

M = never Meet.

A = should I Accept?

R = is it Reliable?

T = Tell!

Can your child remember what each letter stands for?

In year 5, the children continued a new topic creating concept maps. The focus today was using the story mode device, which allows more information to be shared. As part of this lesson, the children also used their cutting and pasting short cut skills.  

Year 4: The children concluded a short topic on the internal items contained in a computer. For example, RAM, Mother Board, CPU, Graphics Card etc…. This week the children created a simple leaflet about the different items contained within the computer.  

Year 3: This week, the children began a short topic on data handling. The children researched the favourite colours in year 3, which are purple and pink.

Year 2: This week, the children began a short topic on creating music.

Year 1: This week the children continued to explore coding, making their own coding creations as a whole class.

Reception: This week the children continued to show their fantastic independence in logging onto the computer, finding their own 2Dos etc…


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