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Friday Fun

Friday 8th March

Every computing lesson begins with a discussion on how to stay safe when online. The children are taught to be SMART.

S = Stay safe

M = never Meet

A = should I Accept?

R = is it Reliable

T = Tell

In year 6, the children continued their topic on creating their own text adventures. This week, the children have started creating different slides and creating buttons to link them.

In year 5, the children continued designing and creating their own 2DIY computer game. These games will then be shared with their buddies.

Year 4: The children created persuasive poster for a fictional problem.

Year 3: This week, the children continued a topic on how to use email. Today, the children began sending and receiving emails, using the Purple Mash email.

Year 2: This week, the children explored using the search engine Google to answer a variety of dinosaur-based questions.   

Year 1: This week the children explored adding animations to their eBooks.

Reception: Most children in the class logged onto Purple Mash independently. Once logged on, the children created their own gardens, using different Purple Mash programs.  


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