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Graffiti Classics Brings Playground Proms to St Eanswythe's

Last Thursday was no ordinary day at St Eanswythe's. We were treated to a spectacular performance by Graffiti Classics, a comedy string quartet that has dazzled audiences worldwide. They graced us with their presence as part of the Playground Proms initiative, bringing classical music right into our playground!

Imagine our school playground transformed into a concert hall, happy faces eagerly awaiting the show. Graffiti Classics supported by Arts Council England, with their quirky charm and undeniable talent, took us on a musical journey like no other.

Throughout the performance, the children were not mere spectators; they were active participants. We learned about the different stringed instruments the quartet played, joined in with songs and discovered fascinating facts about famous composers. It was a delightful blend of education and entertainment, with plenty of laughs along the way.

One highlight of the day was performing the playground anthem, which we had been practising in anticipation of the event.

We've put together a little video compilation capturing some of the magical moments from the show. Trust me when I say that the pictures and videos included in this don't do justice to the event.

Graffiti Classics, thank you for bringing music, laughter and joy into our school, we can't wait to welcome you back again!


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