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Kic Theatre Year 1

Last week, Owls took part in a Kic Theatre workshop with Ian. This was all linked to our Geography topic for this term: The United Kingdom. We started out in Scotland where we scaled Ben Nevis and also took part in some Highland Games. Then we travelled to Northern Ireland where we learned a little about the Titanic and then practised building and cleaning the ship so it was ready to sail. Then we moved across to Wales, where we pretended to be sheep! There are more sheep than humans in Wales! We also pretended to go to a castle and have a look around, as Wales has the largest amount of intact castles that you can visit out of the four countries. Finally, we finished off being tourists in London, and we hosted a tea party at Buckingham Palace where the teachers were royalty and we were only allowed to speak when spoken to! We had so much fun and enjoyed learning so much more about the countries we have been studying.


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