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Owls become Kings and Queens!

Owls became royalty for the day on our Kings and Queens Day. The teachers came dressed as peasants and the children were in 'charge' for the day. We started off the morning by having our very own coronation. We had made our crowns to wear, and added our very own breadstick sceptres, along with haribo rings and an orb to finish off our coronation looks. We had our very own royal photos taken sitting on the throne! Afterwards, we tried some medieval games. Our favourite was hopscotch, we went all the way up to 120! Then we made our own rules for what we would decide to do if we were in charge of the country. Some of us weren't very nice to our servants! Finally, we learnt about a time when England didn't have a king. We learnt about a man called Oliver Cromwell and were truly disgusted to learn that he didn't let anyone have any fun. They weren't allowed to go to the theatre, wear colourful clothes or play sports! We made our own posters to show exactly what had been banned in these times. We had a really lovely day and the children enjoyed being in charge!


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