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Owls go to Beach School

Over the past two weeks, we have been lucky enough to get to go to beach school again! The weather was beautiful this time and we had two fantastic afternoons. The children were allowed to have some free time where they were given materials such as buckets and spades and left to their own devices. On one occasion, Mr O'Neon even got buckets of water for us! A common theme over both weeks was digging as deep a hole as we possibly could.

On our second trip down, Mr O'Neon taught us about the tides and why they happen. We tried to model how the moon revolves around the Earth in partners. Some of us also chose to go in the rockpools. We didn't have much luck looking for creatures, but we found some baby crabs and one other crab. We enjoyed picking up rocks and hunting for any sea life anyway. We had a brilliant time on both occasions, and the children were so well behaved.


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