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St Eanswythe's Bones

Year 4 went to our local Folkestone museum to learn about some of the science involved in the study of history. Following a look around the upstairs museum, we went downstairs to find out more about Anglo Saxons. The children took turns to look at the skeleton of an Anglo Saxon woman and learn about how and where she was found.

We found out about how they have just recently carbon dated the bones discovered behind the wall in the church to show they are St. Eanswythe and about what an important find it is to the whole Christian community. We discussed the strength of her Christian faith and about the impact she had in this town to have been remembered for her work so long after her very short life. One of her teeth is being sent away for DNA testing so we can find out even more about her.

The children also looked at other artefacts and learned how x-rays are used to see what they were made from. All the children had the opportunity to start to make their own copy of an Anglo Saxon brooch and to find out more about what life was like back in that era.


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