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Stone 'biscuit' Henge

Today in Year 3 we were learning all about Stonehenge. We learnt that it is one of the world’s most famous monuments and is found in Wiltshire. Lots of us have driven past and wondered how it had been created. We all knew that it was old and had lots of guesses for suggestions of how old it was, we now know that it dates back to the late Neolithic Age, around 3000BC! We looked at the features of the monument including the two bluestones which are the oldest stones at Stonehenge. The five stone arches known as trilithons, make up the horseshoe and these stones stand around seven metres tall. The outer circle was made from thirty standing stones called sarsens. We created our own Stonehenge from biscuits, which was trickier than it looked. We tried to include the key features we were learning about: the trilithons, sarsens and bluestones.


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