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Trip to British Museum

Year 3 have had quite the adventure this week, journeying up to London to visit the Ancient Egyptian exhibits at The British Museum. It all started with an exciting trip on the train and tube, before walking a short distance to the museum. There were a lot of spellbound children as we approached and saw the magnificent building. Once inside, we ventured upstairs to view the exhibits all about mummification and life in early Egypt. The children impressed us all with their knowledge of the mummification process, which they remembered from their history lessons. There were thousands of artefacts for the children (and adults) to be captivated by including mummies, sarcophaguses, jewellery, paintings and clothing. We then stopped for lunch and refuelled. The lovely conversations happening between the children were filled with excitement about what they had seen and what they were hoping to see. This term the children’s history and art lessons have all centred around Ancient Egypt, so this really was the perfect trip to bring their learning to life and for them to see the artefacts that they have been studying. After lunch, we entered the incredible sculptures and statues exhibit which began with the Rosetta Stone. Lots of the children were very impressed with this! Whilst in this exhibit, we also found the missing pharaoh’s beard from the Sphinx. On this trip we were incredibly lucky to be supported by such wonderful adults, who really enhanced the children’s learning experience. One of which was Madeline’s Egyptian grandma, who treated us all to a wonderful meditative dance sequence, which linked to different symbols and actions used by the Ancient Egyptians. She was also able to give us our own tour of the exhibits, talking to us about the different artefacts on display. We then had time to explore different exhibits with our groups and revisit favourite ones before venturing back home. On our train journey home, we also became VIPs (Very Important Passengers!) We were given a special tannoy announcement by the very friendly ticket inspector. It certainly made it a memorable train journey home! A special mention to our wonderful children, whose behaviour was incredible and rightly so they proved to be an absolute credit to the school. Here’s to the next big adventure!


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