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World Book Day in Year 3

The children certainly made an impressive effort with their word outfits and we had a great time using their words to create a silly story. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Once upon a time there was a brother and sister. Their names were Steve and Matilda. The sister was a genius and the brother was a super wrestler. Once Matilda did a race and she won and she said "I am a winner!" Also, their parents loved to dance. The dad's name was Michael Jackson and both parents loved their daughter and son. (The parents were amazing and were secretly planning a trip to Disney Land.) They lived in a royal palace with a king and queen. In their palace they had a robotic butler who, when he ran out of battery, needed a lot of charging. In the palace they also lived with their dog called Golden and another dog called Toto who was only two months old (in human years.) Also, they had a couple of other pets that were both pandas; one was a soft, blue panda and the other was a magical panda that when she licked her fur it changed colour! Steve had his own pet lion with lots of muscles, his name was Invincible. Matilda and Steve had a friend called Buoyant (who loved to surf.) Buoyant had his own pet python. The python's name was Bowzer because it was a scary snake! Matilda had a best friend who was a gymnast and her best friend's favorite colour was turquoise. They also loved their auntie who worked as a florist and she sold colourful flowers. After one long tiring day, it was finally bedtime. Steve felt sleepy, so he curled up in his cosy bed and fell asleep. Meanwhile, Matilda (the protagonist) decided she was NOT sleepy. So she turned into a colourful witch and did NOT feel normal! Then she did a topsy-turvey gymnast flip! The End.


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