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Worship Leaders - Canterbury Cathedral Trip

Today, our Year 5 and 6 worship leaders embarked on an adventure to the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral. Stepping back in time, we transformed into historical figures for our guided tour. Dressed as mighty kings, humble monks, devout pilgrims and even a noble knight, we immersed ourselves in the cathedral's rich history. The tales of Thomas Becket captivated us, and we marvelled at the grandeur of the cathedral itself.

We took part in hands-on activities that brought history to life. We felt the delicate weight of a quill pen and the flow of ink as we practised the elegant art of certificate writing. Imaginations soared as we designed colourful stained glass masterpieces. We built sturdy arches, understanding their importance in medieval architecture. We even harnessed the power of ancient technology, using pulleys and winches to hoist stones high. Finally, like skilled masons, we etched our own unique symbols into blocks of genuine limestone.

Our Canterbury Cathedral trip was a brilliant day of history, creativity and pure excitement. It left us with a deeper appreciation for Canterbury Cathedral and inspired us all!


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