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Year 2 Take Division Out of The Classroom

Today was a blast in Year 2 as we tackled the tricky world of division with Miss Giles leading the charge! To jazz up our lesson, she had a great idea – taking our maths skills out of the classroom and into the hall for some hands-on learning.

With balls, hoops, beanbags and cones at the ready, we eagerly gathered around in a circle, ready to get stuck in. Miss Giles showed us how to 'share' the objects into hoops, which helped us understand division in a whole new light. It was way more fun than staring at numbers on a screen or page.

As we worked through the maths sentences Miss Giles gave us, we scribbled our answers on our trusty whiteboards.

Back in the classroom, we took what we'd learned and tackled some tougher division problems in our maths books. It felt like we could conquer anything after our hands-on practice in the hall!

So, why was this kind of activity so cool? Well, it wasn't just about having a good time (although that was definitely a bonus!). Doing division with real objects helped us 'see' what was happening, making it easier to understand. Plus, working in teams meant we got to share ideas and help each other out – it was like a mini maths party!

Big thanks to Miss Giles for making maths come alive for us today. We can't wait for our next adventure in numbers!


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