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Year 3 Beach School - the second session

This morning, oh what a glorious morning we had. Today we ventured down to Sunny Sands and it was perfection, so calm and quiet. The first task for the children was to set up a line of sandcastles at the edge of the tide so that they could track it and see if the tide was rising or falling. The children then played a game of Shark, Swordfish, Crab which is Beach School's version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winning player's team had to then chase the other team and much fun was had. Then it was free time, where the children were able to explore the rock pools, create sand art or enjoy the surroundings; which many did, creating wonderful castles and digging holes. The children exploring the rock pools found sea shrimp and crabs. The children were taught about how to look after and care for the animals that they had found and how precious living creatures are. They spoke about the habitat that the creatures were found in, why it would make a good area to hide and all creatures were carefully returned. It was the first time that a few of the children had seen a crab in real-life and some were brave enough to carefully touch and hold one. It was such an enjoyable experience and the children's behaviour was incredible.


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