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Year 4 Coastal Park Adventure: Exploring Geography and Map Skills

This week, the Year 4 class embarked on an exciting trip to the Coastal Park in Folkestone. Our journey was filled with anticipation as we brought along our picnics and packed lunches, making sure to keep a watchful eye on some sneaky seagulls eyeing our tasty treats!

Upon arrival, we headed straight to the main play area of the park, where the children delighted in exploring the climbing frames and slides. Inspired by the surroundings, they decided to take their Geography lesson to the next level by creating impressive 3D maps of the park using sand in the play area. These maps were not only creative but also thoughtfully constructed, reflecting the layout and features of the Coastal Park.

The adventure didn't end there. The following day in class, the children used their memories of the park to dive deeper into map skills. They recreated the Coastal Park on grid paper, incorporating essential map elements such as a key to denote different areas, symbols to represent features like playgrounds and picnic areas and a scale to understand distances. This hands-on activity brought their learning to life, allowing them to apply their knowledge of map reading and interpretation.

By exploring the Coastal Park and engaging in map-making activities, the Year 4 classes not only enjoyed a lovely afternoon together but also gained practical skills in Geography that will serve them well in their studies and beyond. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect classroom learning with real-world exploration and creativity.


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