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Year 4 Exploring Nature's Classroom - Beach School

On Wednesday, our class had the wonderful opportunity to visit "beach school" with our teacher, Mr. O’Neon. Despite the chilly weather, we were all excited to spend the afternoon at Sunny Sands Beach, thankfully, the rain held off just for us.

Once we arrived, we wasted no time diving into the fun activities Mr. O’Neon had planned for us. We started by playing in the sand, leaving messages and creating designs with sticks and shells. It was amazing to see how our imaginations came to life on the beach.

While the tide was out, we ventured into the harbour and got to see the fishing trawlers up close.

Next, we explored the arches and rockpools along the shoreline. We found all sorts of interesting creatures, like crabs scuttling between the rocks and shells hiding in the pools. It felt like we were on a real-life treasure hunt! Of course, we couldn't resist building some sandcastles too.

As the afternoon came to a close, we reflected on what a fantastic day it had been. We had so much fun playing with our friends, exploring the beach and discovering all the wonders of nature in our coastal home.


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