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Year 4’s Pavilion Project

In our lively Year 4 classroom, something truly magical is taking place – our students are evolving into architects! Through our Design and Technology lessons, they're constructing their own pavilions, and the journey has been thoroughly enjoyable.

Beginning a few lessons ago with the fundamentals of frame structure, our students then delved into design principles before immersing themselves in the art of crafting something both sturdy and visually appealing. From selecting materials to reinforcing corners, they've mastered the intricacies of construction while unleashing their creativity.

The objective was to fashion pavilions that not only stand as proud structures but also mirror their individual imaginations.

As we approach the final touches, adding cladding to our structures, it's evident that each pavilion narrates a tale of creativity. Despite the occasional mess (apologies, Mrs. T!), the shared delight throughout this endeavor has made every moment worthwhile.


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