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Bridge Making Year 5

This week, to finalise our DT unit on structures, Year 5 made bridges using wood.

The children were given mesurements to mark out and then later on cut using a small saw. After all the cuts were made, it was time to assemble the bridge using a hot glue gun.

The children worked safely and sensibly throughout the two lessons; they adhered to all safety rules.

Year 5 made four bridges in total and of course, we had to test the strength of them. To start with we tried bean bags but realised they were falling through the gaps and were a little too light, so we tried using books from our classroom. Each bridge held fifteen heavy books, so they were actually very strong!

The children were able to reflect on their work and think about why the bridges were not uniform. They decided that each person may have measured differently, so this affected the way the bridges actually looked.

Overall, Year 5 enjoyed this very much and are looking forward to more DT projects in the future.


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