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Year 5 had an incredibly busy and productive term in our DT sessions. Not only did they get to assemble and test their spaghetti truss bridges but they then used these as a prototype to create their own wooden truss bridges. This was truly amazing to see and not only did they work brilliantly as a team but also were so supportive of each other as a class. All of the children were able to measure and mark the wood accurately and were also able to use the bench hook and hack saws to cut these. This was a learning curve and you could see the children's confidence improve as the term progressed. They also worked carefully with the hot glue guns to secure their pieces together. The final step was to create support beams that were cut at 45 degree angles to match up to their bridges, so the children used a set square to help measure and mark these angles. This was very tricky and they did well for their first encounter with cutting wood at angles. Year 5 you were outstanding, well done!


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