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Celebrating World Book Day at St Eanswythe's School

Today, our school transformed into a vibrant tapestry of words, imagination and creativity as we celebrated World Book Day in St Eanswythe's style. It was a day filled with excitement, laughter and an appreciation for the power of storytelling and literature.

The festivities kicked off with a whole school celebration in the hall, where anticipation filled the air as a red carpet stretched down the centre as the children arrived to find their seats. Mrs. Jacobs, our guide through the world of books, announced that it was our moment to shine as the children and teachers strutted their stuff down the runway, dressed as words that leapt from the pages of our favorite stories. The hall buzzed with energy, music filled the air and children paraded their unique and imaginative costumes. With each step down the red carpet, the children were showcasing a kaleidoscope of vocabulary. The creativity continued to flow as the children proudly showed the rest of the school their decorated paper plates which had been transformed with the themes of the children's favourite books. The pride and joy on the faces of the children was lovely as they showcased their masterpieces, each one a testament to the magic of storytelling and imagination. Those who participated in the plate decorating extravaganza were rewarded with prizes and the honor of seeing their creations proudly displayed in the corridor at school. Mrs. Jacobs then told us of the literary treasures awaiting us at our class visits to the bookshop, igniting our excitement for the adventure ahead. Armed with our World Book Day tokens, we eagerly embarked through Folkestone town centre to Waterstones on a quest to discover new worlds and adventures between the pages of our chosen books.

As the day unfolded, classrooms buzzed with activity, with students diving into book-themed crafts, online workshops and word games. Some classes welcomed parents for special reading events, fostering a sense of community and shared love for literature.

The highlight of the day was the collaborative storytelling adventure, where each class collated their chosen words to create a whimsical and utterly delightful tale or sentence. The stories came to life through the collective imagination of our students.

As the day ends on another World Book Day celebration, we are reminded of the magic that lies within the pages of books. It was a day of joy, creativity and boundless imagination—a celebration of the written word and the endless possibilities they hold.

To all the children and staff who participated, thank you for sharing your creativity and passion for storytelling. May the magic of books continue to inspire and delight you for years to come. Happy World Book Day!


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